Grimes Finished Her Album And “Did Smthn Crazy” At A Plastic Surgery Clinic

Grimes Finished Her Album And “Did Smthn Crazy” At A Plastic Surgery Clinic

Almost two years ago, Grimes told her followers she was putting the finishing touches on her follow-up to 2020’s Miss Anthropocene, which we later learned is called BOOK 1. She has since signed to Columbia Records, shared many updates about the album, and released several songs that may or may not be on it. Much more recently, she announced her intention to get vampire teeth and elf ears. It looks like she’s moving forward on both the music and body-modification fronts.

Today on Twitter, Grimes posted a photo of herself with bandages wrapped around her head, captioned, “I did smthn crazy!” In a later tweet, she added context suggesting the pic was snapped at a plastic surgery clinic. The post also indicated that she’s done recording her album and has moved on to the mixing phase, and that she has so many songs that she might split them into two albums, BOOK 1 and BOOK 2. She added that she just received a mix of a song called “The Infinite Assassin.” When someone online begged her to make better music, she replied, “No, I prefer to make bad music.” So much for this new one being by far her greatest work, I guess!

The other day, when asked if her album was still about AI lesbians, she wrote that it’s about “militarized ai courtesans among other things.” She also teased something big happening Sept. 30 and assured a follower that her long-teased collaboration with the Weeknd is coming soon: “Depends on Abel and Columbia but , I had a rly intense medical situation in the spring so I am relishing the delay tbh. The delay is kinda convenient cuz I’m just getting back to health.”

UPDATE: If this is a post-surgery selfie, there are no elf ears (yet). Fans are speculating that she got something called a ponytail facelift.

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