Goat – “Do The Dance”

Goat – “Do The Dance”

Later this month, the masked Swedish psych-rock freaks Goat will release Oh Death, their first new album in six years. If you’ve ever seen one of Goat’s absurd, physical, ritualistic live shows, then you know this is a good thing. We’ve already posted the early single “Under No Nation,” and now Goat have dropped “Do The Dance,” another of the new album’s party-rockers.

“Do The Dance” has a big, honking drum beat working for it, but the song itself is bright and chipper and catchy. The band talks a big game about communing with the spirits of their mysterious funk overlords or whatever, but “Do The Dance” sounds a lot like the Go-Go’s — or, maybe more accurately, Bow Wow Wow. That’s a compliment. The world needs more giddy, propulsive pop songs with big beats. Listen to “Do The Dance” below.

Oh Death is out 10/21 on Rocket Recordings.

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