Watch Harry Styles Catch A Water Bottle To The Nuts

Watch Harry Styles Catch A Water Bottle To The Nuts

Things happen onstage. A few nights ago, Harry Styles was performing at Chicago’s United Center as part of a multi-night stand. While Styles was indulging in a moment of light stage banter, someone in the crowd threw a water bottle, and that water bottle caught Styles firmly in the yambag. Styles reacted to this as charmingly as he could: He doubled over, shook it off, and murmured, “That’s unfortunate.” And then he kept going. The show cannot stop just because your testicles have just collided with 16 ounces of plastic and liquid.

Video of the nutshot quickly went viral, as nutshot videos will do. Please enjoy that video below.

There’s apparently no indication that Jason Sudeikis or Chris Pine was in the audience, looking for revenge. Instead, this was part of a larger pattern of Harry Styles getting hit in the balls mid-show — something that apparently happens so often that there was a whole Buzzfeed listicle about it way back in 2013. Here’s a supercut of Harry Styles nutshots.

Is it possible that Harry Styles has unlocked some new level of attractiveness? Are random objects magnetically drawn toward his junk? Or is this more of a Terminator situation, in which time-traveling warriors, hoping to avert some future calamity, are attempting to destroy Harry Styles’ gonads before it’s too late?

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