††† (Crosses) – “Vivien”

††† (Crosses) – “Vivien”

Deftones singer Chino Moreno and producer/multi-instrumentalist Shaun Lopez brought back their ††† (Crosses) project last Christmas Eve with a cover of “Goodbye Horses” by Q Lazzarus — their first release since 2014. In March, they followed up that cover with a pair of originals, “Initiation” and “Protection.” Now they’re back with the lead single from a new EP.

The new ††† release PERMANENT.RADIENT comprises six songs, none of which are “Initiation” and “Protection.” One of them is “Vivien,” out today with a vivid video directed by Lopez and Lorenzo Diego Carrera. Musically it’s the sound of Moreno leaning hard into his Depeche Mode influence, filtered through his own personal brand of dark and dangerous glamor. Watch below.

01 “Sensation”
02 “Vivien”
03 “Cadavre Exquis”
04 “Day One”
05 “Holier”
06 “Procession”

PERMANENT.RADIENT is out 12/9 on Warner.

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