Oneohtrix Point Never & John Medeski Are Scoring Nathan Fielder & Benny Safdie’s The Curse

Oneohtrix Point Never & John Medeski Are Scoring Nathan Fielder & Benny Safdie’s The Curse

Daniel Lopatin, the synth wizard better known to most of us as Oneohtrix Point Never, has a great running partnership with the filmmaking brother Benny and Josh Safdie. Lopatin scored their movies Good Time and Uncut Gems, and his tense and pulsing scores helped turn both of them into modern classics. Right now, Lopatin is working on a new TV series with Benny Safdie, and he’s got some unexpected help.

Benny Safdie co-created the forthcoming Showtime series The Curse with Nathan Fielder, the current king of deeply uncomfortable comedy who previously created the shows Nathan For You and The Rehearsal. The Curse is a scripted show, and Showtime has been avoiding revealing too many details, but it’ll star Fielder alongside Oscar-wining movie star Emma Stone. The Showtime website describes The Curse as “a genre-bending scripted comedy that explores how an alleged curse disturbs the relationship of a newly married couple as they try to conceive a child while co-starring on their problematic new HGTV show.” Fielder directed all the episodes, and Safdie is in the cast as the couple’s producer.

That’s basically all we know about The Curse; the show doesn’t even have a premiere date yet. But an Instagram post from Daniel Lopatin shows that one of his collaborators on the soundtrack is John Medeski, the veteran jazz keyboardist who became a big deal on the jam-band scene as one third of the trio Medeski Martin & Wood. The metal and indie producer Randall Dunn also posted about his work on the show, and his image shows Medeski on a couch with Nathan Fielder and Benny Safdie.

That Oneohtrix Point Never Instagram post says that The Curse is coming “sooner than later,” so look forward to that.

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