Enforced – “Ultra-Violence”

Enforced – “Ultra-Violence”

Exactly 366 days ago, Richmond crossover-thrash pulverizers Enforced released “Casket,” a leftover from their album Kill Grid. Now they’re ready to roll out their next LP, War Remains, and they’re sharing its lead single. The aptly titled “Ultra-Violence” never lets up over the course of two minutes, but it does shift shape, segueing from insane uptempo thrash to a half-time chug that feels like racing through sludge.

I like this quote about the new album from guitarist Will Wagstaff:

This record is furious. If you aren’t in the mood to circle pit, head bang, disrupt the neighbors, etc. don’t put this thing on. From the second the needle touches the record, you are in for about 32 minutes of a non-stop, no frills, indiscriminate ass kicking. Toss out the samples, ambiance, and nonsense. All we need are JCM800s and some V30s to deliver inexorable riffage.

Hear “Ultra-Violence” below.

1 “Aggressive Menace”
2 “The Quickening”
3 “Hanged By My Hand”
4 “Avarice”
5 “War Remains”
6 “Mercy Killing Fields”
7 “Nation Of Fear”
8 “Ultra-Violence”
9 “Starve”
10 “Empire”

War Remains is out 4/28 on Century Media.

Jacky Flav

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