Bob Nastanovich Shares Two Previously Unpublished David Berman Poems

Bob Nastanovich Shares Two Previously Unpublished David Berman Poems

Two previously unpublished David Berman poems have made their way out into the world thanks to Bob Nastanovich, Berman’s friend and Silver Jews bandmate. Berman, who passed away in 2019, published one official volume of poetry while he was alive, Actual Air, which was reprinted by Drag City. The two new poems, “My Trial Was In June” and “The Calm Reflectors,” are available on the Post45 website as part of a new collection of pieces analyzing Berman’s art. The poems come from Nastanovich’s private collection.

Nastanovich also wrote an essay for the publication. “David Berman is the only poet I’ve ever known,” he wrote. “He didn’t call himself one. He didn’t dabble in poetry. He didn’t try to impress people with his poetry. When I met him at the age of 18, I had known people who attempted poetry. They tried to sit down and write poems. I tried in English class a few times. I didn’t know what I was doing and felt ambivalent about my mediocre work. I had little appreciation of poetry. David changed that.”

Read Nastanovich’s essay here and the two Berman poems here.

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