Kirin J Callinan – “Young Drunk Driver” (Feat. Hubert Lenoir)

Kirin J Callinan – “Young Drunk Driver” (Feat. Hubert Lenoir)

Australian rock weirdo Kirin J Callinan released his last album Return To Center in 2019. Since then, he’s collaborated with people like the Voidz, Mac DeMarco, and the Quebec City singer-songwriter Hubert Lenoir. Today, Callinan has announced plans to release a new LP called If I Could Sing this year, and he’s teamed up with Lenoir on a new song called “Young Drunk Driver.”

“Young Drunk Driver” is a knowingly ridiculous song that seems to be Kirin J Callinan’s take on the old pop music trope of young doomed lovers. Over a rattling dance-rock beat, Callinan wails about dying behind the wheel. Hubert Lenoir chips in with high-pitched ad-libs. The whole enterprise seems to come with glowing neon quotation marks over everything. Director Ollie Birt’s video features Callinan toe-dancing in a kilt, and it’s also got scenes of him naked and oiled-up, presumably parodying D’Angelo’s clip for “Untitled (How Does It Feel).” Check it out below.

Last week, Callinan also dropped an equally absurd video for a new song called “…in ABSOLUTES.” Here’s that one:

According to the “Young Drunk Driver” YouTube description, Kirin J Callinan’s new album If I Could Sing is coming “sometime in the southern winter o 2023.”

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