Sabrina Carpenter Censored By Radio 1 For BBC Joke

Sabrina Carpenter Censored By Radio 1 For BBC Joke

The initials “BBC” can stand for a couple of different things. One of them is “British Broadcasting Corporation,” and if you’ve ever been on any porn site, you don’t need me to tell you the other one. Evidently, someone at the BBC — the British Broadcasting Corporation one — is a little sensitive about that coincidence. When the American pop singer Sabrina Carpenter made a joke about it in a recent session in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge, she found herself censored.

Right now, Sabrina Carpenter, the former Girl Meets World star, is riding high on the viral success of her singles “Skin” and “Nonsense.” Carpenter sometimes sings custom outros for “Nonsense” when she performs the song live. In the BBC Live Lounge, she added this flourish: “I’m American, I’m not British/ So BBC, it stands for something different/ This Live Lounge is so lit because I’m in it.”

Radio 1 posted Carpenter’s Live Lounge performance on Friday and then took the video down shortly thereafter. Today, the video is back, but it cuts off before the outro. But the public deserves to know why this Live Lounge is so lit! Here’s the offending outro:

And here’s the Live Lounge video, now stripped of any coy dick jokes:

Good job, BBC. Now, nobody will ever make another joke about those initials.

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