Jonny Greenwood Is Selling His Own Olive Oil

Jonny Greenwood Is Selling His Own Olive Oil

That Jonny Greenwood is a busy man: touring and recording with the Smile, composing umpteen film scores, collaborating with Israeli musician Dudu Tassa on a new album. And now the Radiohead mad scientist has added cooking entrepreneurship to his portfolio. On the band’s W.A.S.T.E. online shop, UK residents can now purchase bottles of Greenwood Oil, created with olives harvested from the farm where Greenwood lives in Italy’s Le Marche region. Each bottle is individually signed by Greenwood and, being a locally produced “artisan product,” may contain surface imperfections. Sadly, it appears the oil can only be shipped to UK addresses.

Here’s the whole note from W.A.S.T.E.:

This extra virgin olive oil is from Le Marche in Italy, where Jonny has been living for the last 8 years – when not making music.

The olives are all grown on Jonny’s farm, harvested by family and friends every year, and pressed locally.

This is the first year that the farm has produced enough oil to share, so to celebrate this first commercial harvest we’re selling tin of this delicious oil, each one signed by Jonny.

Please note this is an artisan product, pressed and bottled locally to the farm. There may be some surface imperfections, as a result of the filling process, that you may not see with a mass manufactured product.

Please enjoy this bottle while its contents are still young and fresh – it tastes its best in the weeks after you first open it (though is of course safe to use for much longer.) Also please note that as it is unfiltered, you may find a sediment at the bottom of the tin – this is normal, though not usually consumed.

More info on Le Marche is available here.

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