Foo Fighters – “Rescued”

Foo Fighters – “Rescued”

After they booked a zillion festival gigs and headline shows for 2023, it was clear Foo Fighters would be returning in a big way in 2023. Now, they’ve announced their first album since the death of longtime drummer Taylor Hawkins about 13 months ago. The album is called But Here We Are, and its opening track “Rescued” doubles as its lead single out today.

“Rescued” is the kind of arena-friendly rock anthem Foo Fighters built their reputation on, and like the rest of the new album, it’s informed by the shock, grief, and healing that followed Hawkins’ death. “It came in a flash/ It came out of nowhere/ It happened so fast/ And then it was over,” Grohl sings to begin the song. He continues, “Are you thinking what I’m thinking? Is this happening now? Are you feeling what I’m feeling? This is happening now.”

Foo Fighters have not shared a new band photo along with the album announcement, and the press release does not indicate who drums on “Rescued” or the rest of the album, so it could be Dave Grohl or another drummer to be revealed. Hear “Rescued” below.

01 “Rescued”
02 “Under You”
03 “Hearing Voices”
04 “But Here We Are”
05 “The Glass”
06 “Nothing At All”
07 “Show Me How”
08 “Beyond Me”
09 “The Teacher”
10 “Rest”

But Here We Are is out 6/2 on Roswell.

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