Guilt-Free MP3s

Just ’cause they’re label-approved doesn’t mean they suck. Here are the notable up-for-grabs MP3s sent to us by PR flacks this week.

  • Belle And Sebastian – “Another Sunny Day” (MP3)
  • Division Day – “Color Guard” (MP3)
  • Eels – “Bus Stop Boxer” (Live With Strings) (MP3)
  • Elefant – “Lolita” (MP3)
  • Magnet – “Hold On” (MP3)
  • Pretty Girls Make Graves – “The Nocturnal House” (MP3)
  • Robert Pollard – “Dancing Girls And Dancing Men” (MP3)
  • Tapes ‘N Tapes – “Omaha” (MP3)
  • Test Icicles – “Circle Triangle Square” (MP3)

    Tell us who you’d like to hear more of!

    Also, via Ryan, new Lilys at MySpace!