Kool Keith – “Black Elvis 2 (Intro)”

Kool Keith – “Black Elvis 2 (Intro)”

In 1999, the veteran rap weirdo Kool Keith released his album Black Elvis/Lost In Space. This was the era when Keith was constantly inventing new aliases: Dr. Octagon, Dr. Dooom, Shark Man, Fly Ricky The Wine Taster, Exotron Geiger Counter One Plus Megotron. For the Black Elvis album, Keith wore an Elvis-style wig and shades. It was one more strange chapter in a very strange career, and now it’s coming back.

Just last month, Kool Keith teamed up with Real Bad Man to release the album Serpent. This summer, Keith will follow that one with Black Elvis 2, a new LP that’ll feature contributions from people like Marc Live, Agallah, and Keith’s old Analog Brothers collaborator Ice-T. Today, Keith has shared the album’s L’Orange-produced intro track, which finds Keith doing some of his trademark nonsensical flexing: “Left to right, blur it out/ Women throw their panties out/ Gigantor express, big like a robot.” Below, check out “Black Elvis 2 (Intro)” and the album’s intro.

01 “Black Elvis 2 (Intro)”
02 “MAX”
03 “E-L-V-I-S”
04 “First Copy”
05 “Kindergarten Adults” (Feat. Raaddrr Van)
06 “The Formula” (Feat. Marc Live & Ice-T)
07 “Black Presley”
08 “All Marvel”
09 “Without My Culture” (Feat. Dynamite)
10 “Feelin’ Me”
11 “Love Infringement”
12 “Space Mountain” (Feat. Marc Live)
13 “Road Dog” (Feat. Agallah)
14 “Machinery” (Feat. Raaddrr Van & Marc Live)
15 “World Spin”
16 “Clifton’s Revenge”

Black Elvis 2 is out 6/16 on Mello Music Group.

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