Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best Comments

R.I.P. MTV News.


Logan Taylor
Score: 23 | May 5th

I was surprised to see the 7. Based on the write up, I thought we were going lower. I would join that low unfortunately because this just isn’t top-shelf Britney material for me. Weirdly, I’ve come around on the womanizer’s and think they’re the best part! I just like the idea that she’s finally getting to tell this guy what she really thinks about him and just lets loose. Everything else feels a little limp and tired (although who can blame her for that?) Overall, I’ll give it a 4.

The hysteria over Britney was completely ridiculous. My favorite thing to come out of it though was Craig Ferguson’s very humbling monologue where he bared his own soul. I miss that guy.

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Score: 26 | May 6th

Couldn’t make it as a van band, didn’t want to tour as a bus band either

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Chris S
Score: 27 | May 10th

I don’t remember the first time I heard Just Dance–it was some time in summer of ’08, several months before it took over radio and the country–but I liked it immediately. I do remember thinking “Is anybody gonna fall for or play a brand new, overtly pop/heavily dance-adjacent artist in this day and age?” I mean, yes, the Rihannas and Britneys and even newbies like Katy were setting radio and the charts on fire. But Lady Gaga adhered far more to the pop dance of Madonna or Kylie Minogue than she did the pop-leaning, electroed out music those other three where schilling. Something about Gaga sounded old school, not dated, because I thought the production was great (yes even the tinny keys and synths that Tom slagged on) but there was something in her music’s DNA that set it apart from the other “EDM” of the day (for the record, I’ve never considered Gaga EDM in the strictest sense or any sense, but I won’t take time to argue that point here). I remember getting The Fame the day it was released–I’d also somehow got ahold of that album’s deep cut Boys Boys Boys prior; that song slaps big time and should’ve been a proper single–and I wasn’t disappointed; yes, there were a couple of tracks I could’ve and still could live without, but I appreciated that she really leaned into a sound that, for a new artist just outta the gate, probably only had a 50/50 shot at radio play, despite the hooks that were all over that thing (her next Number One reiterates that fact). This is still a banger of the highest order, but I’d argue she would have even better in her in a relatively short time. 8/10

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Jojo Le Taker
Score: 27 | May 5th

Pretty sure I could debate Ted Nugent.

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Score: 28 | May 5th

Somebody wanna register

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Score: 31 | May 8th

what a shame, was going to reach out to him for our upcoming youtube interview show “cold ones” where we solely consume beer and frozen foods, using the brainfreeze to make our guests more loquacious

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Score: 34 | May 8th

Sad that Sum 41 is soon to become just another casualty of society.

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Score: 38 | May 5th

The biz vs the nuge.

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Score: 40 | May 8th

The sloppy steak diet!

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Score: 42 | May 5th

I love Avondale Brewing, and I’m not surprised by the Birmingham public’s stiff negative reaction to the event. I am surprised by Avondale booking him in the first place though. Remember yall to not write off whole states because of the majority politics, there are lots of good people in Alabama who are acutely feeling the regressive politics of the state at large.

Also, Fuck Ted Nugent

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May 11th

Seriously though, all these special features – Oscar, Elmo, the Count – and no Phoebe Bridgers? I don’t think you can do that.

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