Mac DeMarco Quit Smoking, Caffeine, Cold Foods

Mac DeMarco Quit Smoking, Caffeine, Cold Foods

A couple weeks ago, Mac DeMarco released a 199-track collection of songs called One Wayne G. In a new interview with the Associated Press, DeMarco talked a bit about that project and about his relationship with sobriety, including what he’s been trying to do to live a healthier lifestyle.

“Haven’t had any nicotine in about a little over a year now,” DeMarco said: “I did it on the Five Easy Hot Dogs trip, driving from New York to Salt Lake City — it was a horrible drive. I did that, and now I don’t do caffeine either … It’s not about being ‘straight,’ it’s about being free. I’m going to acupuncture. He says no cold foods, so there’s not going to be any more cold foods. No cold water, only hot water … and steak.”

“My journey with sobriety or whatever — I don’t have a journey, that sounds a bit weird,” he continued. “I’m not the most ‘sober guy’ sober guy, but I think I don’t like being beholden to things like that. As humans, what are we? We gotta have water, you gotta have shelter, you gotta have food — that’s enough things to be trapped by. I don’t want to be trapped by alcohol, I don’t want to be trapped by cigarettes.”

“The real thing?” DeMarco went on. “I quit cigarettes and started vaping. That’s a problem. Marlboro Reds? You can get them any … go to a little town in China somewhere, they’re gonna have Marlboro Reds. Juul? Mhmmm … I remember I crossed into Canada and everyone was like, ‘Wow, you have a Juul, that’s so rare and interesting’ and I was like ‘Noooo…’ I don’t want that, I want ease of life. All I need is that air I breathe and hot water, no cold water.”

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