Hear New Boneflower, Gillian Carter, & Heavenly Blue Songs From The Screamo Comp Balladeers, Redefined

Hear New Boneflower, Gillian Carter, & Heavenly Blue Songs From The Screamo Comp Balladeers, Redefined

For a very long time now, I’ve been hearing about the forthcoming release of Balladeers, Redefined, a massive new compilation that surveys a whole lot of the stuff that’s happening on the international DIY screamo scene. Touché Amoré leader Jeremy Bolm has taken on a herculean labor of love, collecting brand-new songs from across the genre, including tons of heavy hitters like Soul Glo, Jeromes Dream, Infant Island, For Your Health, Nuvolascura, Massa Nera, Nø Man, and Terminal Bliss. This this is 31 songs from 31 bands, and from all available evidence, all those bands are coming with heat.

When Jeremy Bolm announced the compilation earlier this month, he shared the new songs from Record Setter, Frail Body, and Amitié. Today, we get three new tracks from the LP, and everyone here is making sure that their songs won’t be skips. Madrid’s Boneflower have made a video for their track “Pyrrhic Victories,” a grand and clangorous wailer that combines surging post-rock melodies with punishing metallic thunder. The video looks cool, too. Here it is:

Florida power trio Gillian Carter might be the best-known of the bands in this three-song batch. They’ve been around for a long time. Last year, they released the excellent LP Salvation Through Misery, and I saw them play a great DIY show in the back of a store in Richmond. Their new track “Bastard Of Light” is an absolute ripper that twists harsh noises up into pretty shapes.

Meanwhile, Detroit’s Heavenly Blue are relatively new and unheralded. The band features three former members of Youth Novel, and they released their demo and their debut EP in 2021. Heavenly Blue’s contribution “Certain Distance” starts off as unhinged metal before sudden bursts of twinkling-guitar beauty interrupt all the bedlam.

All three songs are good! Balladeers, Redefined is out 7/14 on Secret Voice. Pre-order it here.

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