Shamir – “Oversized Sweater”

Shamir – “Oversized Sweater”

Shamir has announced a new album, Homo Anxietatem, his follow-up to last year’s Heterosexuality and his first for Kill Rock Stars. Shamir recorded the album with the London producer Hoost (aka Justin Tailor). Today, we’re getting the gleaming lead single “Oversized Sweater.”

“The first quarter of 2020 before lockdown I felt a lot of anxiety,” Shamir said of the track. “I was fresh out the psych ward and had quit smoking weed and cigarettes cold turkey. I spent the first couple months of 2020 knitting this huge baby blue sweater. It’s basically a wearable security blanket that I used to channel all my anxiety into. I wear it all the time, but most notably in the video for my song ‘Diet.’”

Watch a video for “Oversized Sweater” below.

01 “Oversized Sweater”
02 “Wandering Through”
03 “Our Song”
04 “Appetizer”
05 “Calloused”
06 “Crime”
07 “The Beginning”
08 “Without You”
09 “Obsession”
10 “Words”
11 “The Devil Said The Blues Is All I’ll Know”

Homo Anxietatem is out 8/18 via Kill Rock Stars.

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