Watch Lil Wayne Open The ESPYs With A Performance Of “A Milli”

Watch Lil Wayne Open The ESPYs With A Performance Of “A Milli”

Lil Wayne loves sports, and athletes love Lil Wayne. This is nothing new. It’s been the case for at least 20 years. I’ve never seen Lil Wayne skateboard, so I can’t say whether he’s much of an athlete himself. But Wayne’s athletic prowess probably wouldn’t be quite enough to win him a spot on the ESPYs, ESPN’s annual sports awards show. Fortunately, Lil Wayne made “A Milli,” so he got to open up the whole show last night.

There were plenty of news stories coming out of last night’s ESPYs: LeBron James announcing that he’s not retiring, Patrick Mahomes showing up looking like Riff Raff. But the only thing that really makes sense for this website — another H.E.R. performance on another awards show doesn’t count — was Wayne bringing back his 2008 smash “A Milli,” giving it slight lyrical tweaks to reflect the occasion: “I want my NIL, so I’m going back to college/ Tattoos on my face, you could call me Dennis Rodman.” He also threw in a line about “Damar Hamlin doin’ fine.”

The real pleasure in Wayne’s performance was watching a bunch of extremely famous people getting very, very excited to see Wayne and seeing Wayne himself just glowing with happiness once it was over. Check it out below.

The ESPYs also brought the news that a couple of my friends are about to be parents. That’s fucking awesome.

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