Grimes – “I Wanna Be Software”

Grimes – “I Wanna Be Software”

Back in March, Grimes tweeted that she had been working on new music “for the first time in ages,” adding how she forgot that it’s “very fun.” Earlier this past month, Grimes teased an enormously on-brand single titled “I Wanna Be Software” on TikTok. A collab with producer Illangelo (best known for helming the Weeknd’s early work), “I Wanna Be Software” is thematically fitting with Grimes’ polarizing opinions on stuff like AI — in May, the pop experimentalist invited creators to use AI-generated audio of her voice to make new music, saying she could provide raw files to help make it happen.

Shortly after, Grimes was featured on DJ and producer Kito’s track “Cold Touch,” which was created using Grimes’ AI vocal generator platform, Elf.Tech.

Grimes’ most recent album is 2020’s Miss Anthropocene, but back in January she tweeted that music was more a “side quest.” That was a few months after she tweeted that her “album is done we’re mixing.” As of April, she gave a fairly concrete update that “Book 1 will come it’s just so old now haha. I think I gotta put out this new stuff first and follow w book 1 cuz the new music I’m making is just so next level. We won’t wait for an album tho i ahree it’s been too long. We’ll start dropping as we finish.”

So if this admittedly wild timeline is pieced together, then it’s likely that “I Wanna Be Software” could be part of a Book 1 album rollout. But then again, it’s Grimes, so you really never know what’s coming next.

For now, check out “I Wanna Be Software.”

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