Matty Healy Gets Stoned With Caveh Zahedi And Learns Who The Mountain Goats Are

Matty Healy Gets Stoned With Caveh Zahedi And Learns Who The Mountain Goats Are

This past spring, around the same time that Matty Healy was being profiled by The New Yorker, he sat down for a talk with the cult meta-filmmaker Caveh Zahedi for his sporadic Getting Stoned With… interview series, which has seen Zahedi get stoned (or not) with figures like Alex Karpovsky, Sophia Takal. (Back in 2003, Zahedi recruited Will Oldham for the similarly minded Tripping With Caveh short film.)

“Getting Stoned With Matty Healy” just dropped over on Zahedi’s YouTube account, and the pair light up and then talk about their respective approaches to art, which extends to conversations about spirituality and drugs and, on Healy’s part, what it feels like to be in a band in this day and age. Things get a little tense when they diverge on how to navigate art and personal relationships, when Healy expresses disapproval of Zahedi’s interactions with his ex-wife, whom he often references in his material despite her objections.

In a clip from the shoot that didn’t make the final video but was used to promote it Zahedi’s social media, Healy learns who the Mountain Goats are. “Have you read John Darnielle’s novels?” Zahedi asks. Healy shakes his head, and Zahedi follows up: “The guy from the Mountain Goats … You don’t know the Mountain Goats?”

“I’ve never heard them,” Healy says. “Are they a big band?” Healy then asks the crew if they’ve heard of the Mountain Goats. “They’re in a band now?” Healy asks. “I don’t know the Mountain Goats. They sound good though.”

Here’s the interview:

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