Jack White Shares Eulogy For Paul Reubens

Jack White Shares Eulogy For Paul Reubens

Earlier today, we found out that the legendary Paul Reubens passed away at age 70 following a private battle with cancer. Reubens and his character Pee-wee Herman were an inspiration for many, including Jack White, who eulogized Reubens over on his Instagram page.

“The great Paul Reubens has moved on to a better place. Creator of the genius character Pee Wee Herman, and an actor and comedian of incredible talent, Paul was a good friend to me and reached out any time he felt I was in need,” White wrote. “A generous soul who never forgot a birthday or christmas card for those he loved. He had incredible taste in music and was very funny in everyday life.”

“I first got to witness his gift while filming a video for the Raconteurs together, and we became friends instantly,” White continued. “I was just thinking about you last night Paul, peace be with you.”

Reubens appeared in a music video for the Raconteurs’ debut single “Steady, As She Goes” back in 2006. In 2021, when Reubens reunited some of the Pee-Wee’s Playhouse cast for a radio special, White made a guest appearance.

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