Stream Charli XCX’s Score For Teen Sex Comedy Bottoms

Stream Charli XCX’s Score For Teen Sex Comedy Bottoms

Charli XCX has already put her sonic stamp on the summer’s biggest comedy; her new single “Speed Drive” lit up the screen during a chase scene in Barbie. Today, we get another Charli XCX cinematic adventure. Along with composer Leo Birenberg, Charli has made the soundtrack for Bottoms, a new queer teen sex comedy from Emma Seligman and Rachel Sennott, the team behind the great 2020 indie film Shiva Baby.

Emma Seligman directed Bottoms, and she wrote the movie with Rachel Sennott. Sennott and The Bear‘s Ayo Edebiri start a fight club as an after-school program and as a way to meet cheerleaders. Marshawn Lynch is in it! It looks funny! While they were writing the script, Seligman and Sennott played a whole lot of Charli XCX’s music, and then they brought Charli in to work on the score.

Charli XCX co-composed the Bottoms score with Leo Birenberg, a film-score specialist known for his work on Weird: The Al Yankovic Story and the TV shows Cobra Kai and PEN15. They got additional production from Love Simon composer George Daniel and regular Charli collaborator A. G. Cook. The score isn’t entirely instrumental; Charli adds her vocals to some of the tracks. “Yes No Okay” has Charli murmuring, “Yes, no, OK, I dunno” over distorto-guitars and a drum beat that sounds like “We Will Rock You.” Some of the other tracks work as dizzy hyper-pop. It’ll be fun to see how this music fits the film, but it already goes hard on its own. Below, stream the Bottoms soundtrack and watch the trailer.

Bottoms is in theaters today. The soundtrack is out now on Orion/Milan/Sony.

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