Crime In Stereo Announce First Album In 13 Years, Share Two New Songs

Crime In Stereo Announce First Album In 13 Years, Share Two New Songs

Let’s see how many times I accidentally type “Crime In Stereogum” while I’m working on this post. Long Island’s Crime In Stereo started in 2002, and they released four albums of soaring, searching melodic hardcore before breaking up in 2010. But Crime In Stereo have never really broken up. They’ve been getting back together to play occasional live shows ever since 2012; they just haven’t been an active band. That’s about to change, since Crime In Stereo are about to release their first new album in 13 years.

Crime In Stereo haven’t been the most active reunited band lately; they’ve only played three live shows since the pandemic. Two years ago, they released a song called “The Good Empire” on a compilation raising money for the Amityville Music Hall. And this fall, they’ll come back with House & Trance, their follow-up to their 2010 swan song I Was Trying To Describe You To Someone.

Guitarist Gary Cioni and drummer Brett Romnes produced Crime In Stereo’s new album, which was apparently motivated by an increasingly fucked up political climate. Crime In Stereo have shared the polished, riff-heavy new tracks “Hypernormalisation” and “Books Cannot Be Destroyed By Fire.” The first song gets its title from documentarian Adam Curtis’ word for the idea that we’ve all accepted the fake as real; the latter must be a Fahrenheit 451 reference. Below, check out director Ryan Mackfall’s videos for both songs, as well as the House & Trance tracklist.

01 “Pensioner”
02 “Superyacht Ecopark”
03 “Rogue Wave”
04 “Hypernormalisation”
05 “We Can Build You”
06 “Goliathette”
07 “Books Cannot Be Killed By Fire”
08 “House / Trance”
09 “Autotourniquet”
10 “Skells”

House & Trance is out 10/27 on Pure Noise. Crime In Stereo have three shows coming up: Opening for Gorilla Biscuits 9/8 at the Brooklyn Monarch, the free Rockefeller Center festival Indieplaza on 9/9, and the Fest in Gainesville in October.

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