Sally Shapiro – “Rent” (Pet Shop Boys Cover)

Sally Shapiro – “Rent” (Pet Shop Boys Cover)

Last year, the Swedish duo Sally Shapiro released a new album, Sad Cities, their first in nearly a decade and their first time teaming up with the label Italians Do It Better and producer Johnny Jewel. Today, they’re back with a cover of Pet Shop Boys’ 1987 singles “Rent.”

“I am a longtime fan of Pet Shop Boys and have been thinking from time to time about covering some PSB song, without any clear idea of how to do it,” the duo’s Johan Agebjörn said in a statement. “Suddenly it became apparent that the melancholic and painfully beautiful harmonies of ‘Rent’ would suit our style perfectly, and I started playing a synth line over the chorus.”

“We also think the lyrics to Rent are intriguing, how the singer – in our version, a mistress – tries to convince herself that she’s happy, while the melancholy shines through,” Shapiro added. “Pet Shop Boys is also very much childhood nostalgia for me.”

Check it out below.

“Rent” is being released on a 12″ via Italians DO It Better on 10/6. Pre-order that here.

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