Bleachers – “Modern Girl”

Bleachers – “Modern Girl”

Bleachers haven’t been super-busy lately, but frontman Jack Antonoff is a constant presence in the news anyway. When a whole bunch of the world’s most famous and successful pop stars have decided that you’re their favorite collaborator, that’ll happen. Bleachers released Take The Sadness Out Of Saturday Night, their most recent album, in 2021. Since then, Antonoff has remixed his buddy Taylor Swift’s mega-hit “Anti-Hero” and appeared on his buddy Lana Del Rey’s newish album. Last month, Antonoff got married to Margert Qualley, and Bleachers signed to Dirty Hit. Now, they’ve got a new single.

You will be heartbroken to learn that the new Bleachers song “Modern Girl” is not a Sleater-Kinney cover. Instead, it’s a stomping ’80-style rave-up with a whole lot of prominent saxophone and at least one lyric about OnlyFans. Antonoff and the rest of his band deliver all the lyrics in rapid-fire gang-chant unison, which seems like a way to make it come off more as a full-band effort, less as a solo project.

“Modern Girl” will appear in the final season of the Netflix show Sex Education, which comes out tomorrow. In director Alex Lockett’s video, the band appears to have a good time rocking out in a basement with a checkerboard-tile floor. Check it out below.

“Modern Girl” is out now on Dirty Hit.

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