Duran Duran – “Black Moonlight” (Feat. Nile Rodgers)

Duran Duran – “Black Moonlight” (Feat. Nile Rodgers)

Duran Duran and Nile Rodgers go way back. The Chic legend remixed the band’s 1983 single “The Reflex,” giving it the oomph it needed to rise to the top of the charts. There have been many more collabs in the four decades since then, including Rodgers producing entire albums by the group. And now he’s back in Duran Duran world, guesting on a track from their new Halloween-themed album Danse Macabre.

One of three new originals on the record, “Black Moonlight” puts a loosely spooky filter over the synthetic funk sound Rodgers pioneered. Simon Le Bon calls it “this classic Duran Duran-Nile Rodgers collaboration. When Nile started playing his guitar in the studio, he really inspired everyone with his riff, and the song just kind of wrote itself.” Bassist Nick Rhodes adds, “Nile Rodgers is a force of nature. When we get into a room, we start playing, and magic happens. Nile always says that CHIC is his first band, and Duran Duran is his second. Thematically, I personally prefer the moon to the sun. Simon took the idea and ran with it.”

Hear “Black Moonlight” below.

Danse Macabre is out 10/27 on Tape Modern/BMG.

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