Watch PJ Harvey Play New Songs And Deep Cuts At Dublin Tour Opener

Watch PJ Harvey Play New Songs And Deep Cuts At Dublin Tour Opener

Back in July, PJ Harvey released a new album, I Inside The Old Year Dying, and she kicked off a tour in support of it at the 3Olympia Theatre in Dublin last night. Though Harvey went on a spoken word tour last year, this is the first time she’s performed a full show since 2017, when the tour supporting The Hope Six Demolition Project concluded.

At her Dublin show, Harvey played I Inside The Old Year Dying in full, giving all 12 tracks their live debut. After an interlude where her band played “The Colour Of The Earth,” Harvey came back out and dug up some songs she hasn’t done in a while, including To Bring You My Love‘s”Send His Love To Me” (for the first time since 2009), Is This Desire?‘s “Angelene” (first time since 2012), and more.

Check out some video from the show below.

“Prayer At The Gate” (Live debut)
“Autumn Term” (Live debut)
“Lwonesome Tonight” (Live debut)
“Seem An I” (Live debut)
“The Nether-edge” (Live debut)
“I Inside The Old Year Dying” (Live debut)
“All Souls” (Live debut)
“A Child’s Question, August” (Live debut)
“I Inside The Old I Dying” (Live debut)
“August” (Live debut)
“A Child’s Question, July” (Live debut)
“A Noiseless Noise” (Live debut)
“The Colour Of The Earth” (band only)
“The Glorious Land”
“The Words That Maketh Murder”
“Angelene” (First time since 2012)
“Send His Love To Me” (First time since 2009)
“The Garden” (First time since 2008)
“The Desperate Kingdom Of Love” (First time since 2013)
“Man-Size” (First time since 2008)
“Dress” (First time since 2015)
“Down By The Water”
“To Bring You My Love”
“C’mon Billy” (First time since 2015)
“White Chalk”

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