Marika Hackman – “Hanging”

Marika Hackman – “Hanging”

Four years after the release of her album Any Human Friend, the UK singer-songwriter Marika Hackman returned last month with the standalone single “No Caffeine.” Today, she’s announced plans to follow Any Human Friend, with her new LP Big Sigh, which represents the end of a long creative drought. “No Caffeine” is on the LP, and so is “Hanging,” the new song that Hackman shared today.

Marika Hackman co-produced Big Sigh with Sam Petts-Davies and Charlie Andrew, and she played every instrument other than strings and brass. “Hanging” is a big production. It starts out sad and quiet, and it never quite loses its sadness when it blows out into something much more grandly cinematic. Here’s what Hackman says about the song:

“Hanging” is reflecting on a difficult past relationship and how you can trap yourself in a situation where you’re unable to grow into the next stage of your life. The line “yeah, you were a part of me, I’m so relieved it hurts” is describing how painful it still is to break up even if it’s not right.

Below, listen to “Hanging” and check out the Big Sigh tracklist.

01 “The Ground”
02 “No Caffeine”
03 “Big Sigh”
04 “Blood”
05 “Hanging”
06 “The Lonely House”
07 “Vitamins”
08 “Slime”
09 “Please Don’t Be So Kind”
10 “The Yellow Mile”

Big Sigh is out 1/12 on Chrysalis.

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