Maria BC – “Lacuna”

Maria BC – “Lacuna”

Maria BC is preparing for the release of their sophomore album Spike Field to follow last year’s Hyaline. So far, they’ve shared “Amber,” “Watcher,” and “Still,” and now they’re unveiling the final single “Lacuna,” an immersive, wordless experience with a vibrant video directed by Sam Kann.

In a statement, Maria explained why they chose to go full instrumental for the track. Read what they wrote:

I struggle with words, generally speaking. Lyrics are tough for me. I’ll often start working on a piece of music thinking it’s going to be instrumental, but then, I don’t know, it ends up feeling incomplete, so I give it some words to flesh it out. This instrumental, though, ended up sounding self-contained to me, or like even the most interesting lyrics would diminish it. The gated vocals, the cryptic textural sounds – it all evokes a kind of preverbal state. Hence the title.

Kann added about the video:

I’m so drawn to the eerie nostalgia in the music. It was a joy to break out my old mini DV tape camcorder to create unsettling, dreamy images for Lacuna. Collaborating with [Maria BC] is soul expanding—I’m grateful to be exploring the definition of connection alongside them.

Listen to “Lacuna” below.

Spike Field is out 10/20 on Sacred Bones.

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