Maria BC – “Still”

Maria BC – “Still”

Last month, Maria BC announced a new album, Spike Field, their follow-up to last year’s Hyaline and their Sacred Bones Records debut. The Oakland-based musician shared a pair of songs from it alongside the announcement, “Amber” and “Watcher.” Today, they’re back with another single, the gently-building “Still.”

“I wrote the piano part for this track when I was 16 and never forgot it,” Maria BC said in a statement. “The original song I wrote then was awful, but in the years since, I’ve wanted to resuscitate the piano riff for something, to write a new melody on top of it.” They continued:

I thought it might be healing in some way, since I struggle to feel compassion for my past self/selves and in fact often find myself wishing I could mindwipe anybody who ever knew me – a clean slate! Would if I could, but I can’t. So, how to move on? A lot of trial and error, then I found the melody for “Still” and these lyrics came out that seemed to describe the process of writing the music, these lyrics addressed to my childhood self, like, “I haven’t forgotten you. You’re still with me.

Listen below.

Spike Field is out 10/20 on Sacred Bones.

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