Ryan Adams Vs. “Summer Of ’69”

Ryan Adams Vs. “Summer Of ’69”

Good news. Ryan Adams, who has an excellent Stereogum-approved new album, is dealing with his issues. Remember that whole ordeal about Ryan getting pissed at concertgoers’ jokey requests for Bryan Adams’ “Summer Of ’69″?

PITCHFORK: Do you ever wonder if people go to Bryan Adams shows and yell out the names of your songs?

RYAN ADAMS: I think the only reason that they do that — I mean, they don’t really do it much anymore, I hear it once in a very long while — is because they think that it actually makes me mad.

Well, in fact, it did make him mad. And depressed. It “paralyzed” him as a performer, according to the new Spin in which Mr. Adams (the non-Canadian one) does some Q&A…

SPIN: There’s still a lot of press about your fights with your audience. Do you hate the kind of people who love your music?

RYAN ADAMS: Yeah, they’re a bunch of fucking cocks. They come to my shows just to provoke me. I had to go into therapy beause of whole Bryan Adams “Summer Of ’69” thing.

SPIN: What did going through therapy teach you?

RYAN ADAMS: I used to go out onstage, and I couldn’t hear any of the clapping. I could only hear, “Fuck you!” or “Jeff Tweedy’s better!” … So now it’s not like someone’s not going to shout “Summer Of ’69,” but I can choose to not let than ruin my evening.

I don’t think that’s an invitation to request Bryan Adams’ mid-’80s megahit but if you must, go ahead. This time, you won’t get kicked out.

I think we can all agree Ryan’s too prolific for his own good. So please excuse the posting of a song from Jacksonville City Nights, as opposed to the newer 29. Does the riff remind anyone else of the super-unfunny Jimmy Fallon/Horatio Sanz/Chris Parnell/Chris Kattan SNL song “I Wish It Was Christmas Today”?

Ryan Adams – “Trains” (MP3 Link Expired)

And, since we’ll never again have a reason post this, a house remix from Ryan’s audio nemesis.

Bryan Adams – “Summer Of ’69” (Remix)” (MP3 Link Expired)

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