Garth Brooks & Ronnie Dunn – “Rodeo Man”

Garth Brooks & Ronnie Dunn – “Rodeo Man”

There was already a Garth Brooks song called “Rodeo,” and now there’s one called “Rodeo Man.” Brooks’ new single — which appears on Time Traveler, his new album available only in CD box sets sold at Bass Pro Shops — pairs him with Brooks & Dunn singer Ronnie Dunn.

“Rodeo Man” sounds like a ’90s country radio hit, raucous and line-dance-ready, as if the last three decades never happened. It feels closer to Brooks & Dunn than Garth Brooks because Dunn’s commanding voice often overshadows Garth on the track. In a press release, Brooks writes, “It’s buckin’ AWESOME! Ronnie Dunn is simply one of the greatest voices in all of Country music.”

If you want to properly hear “Rodeo Man,” you have to do so at Amazon Music, but here’s a lo-fi YouTube rip:

Time Traveler is out 11/10 via Pearl.

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