Dua Lipa – “Houdini”

Dua Lipa – “Houdini”

Dua Lipa has been so omnipresent in the interim that it’s hard to believe it’s been three and a half years since Future Nostalgia came out. Lead single “Don’t Start Now” dropped on Halloween 2019! So we’re overdue for a new Dua LP, and we’re finally getting one sometime soon — starting with today’s release of lead single “Houdini.”

“‘Houdini’ is very tongue in cheek, exploring the idea of whether someone is really worth my while or if I’ll ghost them in the end,” says Lipa. “You never know where something may take you, that’s the beauty of being open to whatever life throws your way.”

The track has an exceptionally hip pedigree as event pop singles go. It was produced by Tame Impala’s Kevin Parker and Danny L Harle. Lipa co-wrote it with those guys plus Caroline Ailin and Tobias Jesso Jr. That crew is described in a press release as the “core collaborators” of the forthcoming project. Parker played bass on the song and contributes backing vocals too. Lipa played “Houdini” from her phone for people on the street in London Tuesday, and there’s a launch event for the song today, also in London.

In other Dua Lipa news, Billboard reports that she bought back her publishing rights from TaP Music, her former management company.

Check out the video directed by Manu Cossu with cinematographer André Chemetoff below.


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