Preview John Medeski & Oneohtrix Point Never’s Score For The Curse

Preview John Medeski & Oneohtrix Point Never’s Score For The Curse

Today, a couple of hugely anticipated cinematic works make their streaming-service debuts. As it happens, both of them have big-name artists doing their scores. First, there’s the excellent new David Fincher movie The Killer, which has a soundtrack from Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. And then there’s The Curse, the new series from Benny Safdie and Nathan Fielder. The Curse has Fielder and Emma Stone playing a married couple who host an HGTV-style reality show, and it’s also got a score from the surprising duo of Oneohtrix Point Never and John Medeski.

The Oneohtrix Point Never connection is not surprising. Daniel Lopatin already scored the Safdie Brothers’ films Good Time and Uncut Gems, and he’s a huge part of what made those movies so intense. The involvement of John Medeski — the veteran jazz keyboardist best known for his time on the jam-band circuit with Medeski, Martin & Wood — feels a little more left-field As it turns out, Medeski is the person credited with the Curse score, with Lopatin on board as executive producer.

The first episode of The Curse is up online now, but I haven’t seen it yet. (Too busy watching The Killer. Can’t wait, though.) The show’s soundtrack album is coming out next week, but one track is out now. “Fake Tears” is a short instrumental full of eerie, rising synth-drones. John Medeski and Daniel Lopatin are credited as the track’s writers, and Lopatin produced it with Sunn O))) collaborator Randall Dunn. Check it out below.

Also, here’s Joe Jonas with a funny Nathan Fielder anecdote from earlier this week:

The first episode of The Curse is streaming now on Paramout+ and Showtime. The soundtrack album is out 11/17 on A24/Milan/Sony.

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