Ashley Monroe – “Over Everything”

Ashley Monroe – “Over Everything”

It’s been a couple years since Ashley Monroe’s last album, 2021’s Rosegold. Today, the country musician is back with a new single, “Over Everything.”

“As a songwriter, it’s always been so interesting to see how the feeling of a song can mold and shift and shape with the years,” Monroe shared in a statement. “The life of the song, versus the life of an artist. ‘Over Everything’ is one of those songs. I wrote it a few years ago with Al Anderson and Scott Stepakoff, but it feels the most real from where I’m standing now. As much as this song is about looking back, it’s even more so the attitude and feeling I have in looking ahead, ‘learning how to use my wings’ in this new chapter of my career.”

“For me, this project looks and feels like a homecoming for my soul, so we decided to take a team of creatives to the area I was raised in East Tennessee to shoot the visuals,” Monroe continued. “The video for ‘Over Everything’ celebrates all the small details — down to my Granni’s quilt — that have played a part in shaping who I am.”

Watch the video for “Over Everything” below.

“Over Everything” is out now.

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