Stream Panopticon’s Vast, Epic New Album The Rime Of Memory

Stream Panopticon’s Vast, Epic New Album The Rime Of Memory

Winter hasn’t officially arrived yet, but at least where I live, it’s really fucking cold out there this morning. That means it’s perfect Panopticon weather. Panopticon, Austin Lunn’s cult-beloved one-man band, specializes in a form of grand-scale black metal that’s inspired by the icy, intimidating beauty of Lunn’s rural Minnesota landscape. Today, the new Panopticon album is here, and it sounds colossal.

Panopticon albums always sound colossal. The group is rooted in stark, punishing black metal, but they also work elements of prog, folk, and goth in there. Panopticon songs are usually long, and they can move from beauty to brutality with an assured grace that nobody else would even attempt. The Rime Of Memory, Panopticon’s latest, has only six songs, but half of those songs go way behind the 15-minute mark.

We’ve already posted Panopticon’s Rime Of Memory tracks “Cedar Skeletons,” “I Erindringens Høstlige Dysterhet,” and “The Blue Against The White” — fully half the album. But Panopticon are not a single-serving band. To really experience the band in the right way, you need to go full-immersion and let a full album wash over you. If you’re willing to dive into music this deep and uncompromising, it can be a truly stirring experience. The Rime Of Memory is out today, and you can stream the entire enormous thing below.

The Rime Of Memory is out now on Bindrune.

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