Julien Chang – “Home For The Moment”

Julien Chang – “Home For The Moment”

The dreamy young Baltimore indie-pop artist Julien Chang released his sophomore album The Sale in 2022, and he’s just announced plans to follow it with a new EP called Home For The Moment. Chang wrote, produced, and performed everything on the EP himself, and he says that it captures a transitional stage in his life: “I wrote it from a position ‘stuck’ in between my past and future, and I was therefore irretrievably, obsessively, preoccupied with both.”

The EP starts with its title track, which is also its lead single. It’s a hushed, intricate rumination about being back in the place that raised you, and it’s got some of that old serenely church Grizzly Bear feel. In a press release, Chang says, “It’s a song about returning home and slowing down — against my will but for my soul.”

Director Lydia Cornett shot the lovely, amber-hued “Home For The Moment” video in Baltimore’s Mount Vernon neighborhood, mixing old camcorder footage with more recent stuff. Every shot in the clip takes me back; I suppose it helps that Julien Chang and I are both from the same place. Below, watch the video and check out the Home For The Moment tracklist.

01 “Home For The Moment”
02 “Imago”
03 “Looking At People”
04 “You Have The World”

The Home For The Moment EP is out 3/1 on Transgressive.

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