Goat Girl – “ride around”

Goat Girl – “ride around”

Goat Girl, the experimental London band that used to feature Naima Bock as a member, will follow their last album, 2020’s On All Fours, with a new one called Below The Waste. Funny title! Good pun! Goat Girl recorded Below The Waste in Ireland with co-producer John “Spud” Murphy, and lead single “ride around” is a skronky, evocative piece of post-punk.

In a press release, singer Lottie Pendlebury says, “I dreamt of conversations that stripped away all the etiquettes and went below the surface to where the most interesting parts of ourselves tend to be suppressed. At the time, I was listening to lots of Phillip Glass and Deerhoof, music that plays with the relationship between tensions and resolution, which definitely influenced this song.” I can definitely hear the Deerhoof influence. Check out the “ride around” video below.

Below The Waste is out 6/7 on Rough Trade.

Holly Whitaker

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