METZ – “99” & “Entwined (Street Light Buzz)”

METZ – “99” & “Entwined (Street Light Buzz)”

Alert Keanu Reeves: Toronto noise-rock veterans Metz are ready to run it back. Up On Gravity Hill, their first album since 2020’s Atlas Vending, is coming in April. Intriguingly, it features guest appearances from Owen Pallett and Black Mountain’s Amber Webber.

Metz are previewing the album today with two songs presenting two distinct flavors, “99” and “Entwined (Street Light Buzz).” The band’s Alex Edkins shared this statement:

These two songs couldn’t be more stylistically and thematically dissimilar. “Entwined (Street Light Buzz)” is a song about the deep connection humans can foster with one another and how we carry people with us forever, even after death. “99” is about the scourge of corporate greed and bottom-line thinking that runs rampant in modern society. Anything for a buck is the message being sent to younger generations.

Hear both songs below.

01 “No Reservation / Love Comes Crashing”
02 “Glass Eye”
03 “Entwined (Street Light Buzz)”
04 “99”
05 “Superior Mirage”
06 “Wound Tight”
07 “Never Still Again”
08 “Light Your Way Home”

Up On Gravity Hill is out 4/12 on Dine Alone in Canada and Sub Pop everywhere else. Pre-order it here.

Vanessa Heins

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