A Country Western – “The Dreamer”

A Country Western – “The Dreamer”

You might recall Philly alt-rockers A Country Western from their split EP with They Are Gutting A Body Of Water. TAGABOW have a new song out today, and so do A Country Western.

In fact, in this band’s case, it’s a lead single. A Country Western’s new album Life On The Lawn drops at the end of this month. They recorded it in their South Philadelphia practice space last summer, and today they’re previewing it today with “The Dreamer.” Power-pop is in the Bandcamp tags for a reason; this is the kind of punchy, poppy post-grunge track I’d expect to encounter on MTV in 1996, and I mean that as a compliment.

Listen below.

01 “Great Is The Grip Of The Hawk”
02 “Sidewalk”
03 “The Dreamer”
04 “The Spine”
05 “How Far” (Feat. Winter)
06 “Ridgeline”
07 “Magnetic”
08 “For A Voter”
09 “Hiding Out”
10 “Wasting The Weekends”

Life On The Lawn is out 3/29 via Crafted Sounds.

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