Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison Dead At 48

Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison Dead At 48

Pig Destroyer’s Blake Harrison has died at 48, as Blabbermouth reports. Harrison joined the Alexandria, VA grindcore band in 2006 and played with them until 2022. He was responsible for the samples and noises in the group, and he appeared on their full-lengths Phantom Limb (2007), Book Burner (2012), and Head Cage (2018).

“Blake Hollingsworth Harrison has been our spirit animal for over 20 years,” the band wrote in a tribute. They continued:

In the early oughts, Blake’s band Daybreak and Pig Destroyer were both fledgling bands of malcontents fighting to establish our footprint in the scene. Eventually, Blake joined PD in early 2004 helping with merch on the Grind Over UK tour. Thus began a creative brotherhood and friendship that would span over two decades, across many countries, and over several albums.

Blake joined PD as our full time sound designer in the space leading up to Phantom Limb. From there we all learned together how to make a band work. We all shared the same values and basic beliefs in what we were doing while quickly becoming a tight family.

Everyone that knew Blake loved Blake. Light bent around him. You only had to meet him once. We in Pig Destroyer are forever grateful for the time we’ve been able to share with him.

Thank you for everything Blake. Thanks for the million memories, laughs, and stories. You are etched into the bedrock of our lives.

God speed Blake, you rascal. Love you man

In addition to Daybreak and Pig Destroyer, Harrison also performed and recorded with Tentacles Of God, Triac, Zealot RIP, and Hatebeak.

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