Staples Jr. Singers Announce First New Album In Almost 50 Years

Staples Jr. Singers Announce First New Album In Almost 50 Years

In 1975, the Mississippi family act known as the Staples Jr. Singers, whose members were all teenagers at the time, released their debut album When Do We Get Paid. The Staples Jr. Singers never had any association with the actual Staple Singers, but people told them that they sounded like the Staples, so they went running with that. The Brown family made a version of gospel that drew on the blues and pulled inspiration from the Civil Rights struggle.

For years, When Do We Get Paid was the kind of rare record that collectors prize. In 2022, the Luaka Bop label reissued the album and ignited a new round of interest in the Staples Jr. Singers. Now, the three Brown siblings are coming back with their new LP Searching, their first in 49 years. The group’s surviving members are the siblings Edward Brown, R.C. Brown, and Annie Brown Caldwell, and they’ve recorded the album with producer Ahmed Abdullahi Gallab, who records his own music as Sinkane. (Sinkane just released his own new album We Belong earlier this month.)

The backing musicians on Searching are all members of the Brown family: R.C.ʼs son Gary and grandson Jaylin, Edward’s son Troy. They recorded with all the musicians sitting in a semicircle, capturing songs that they wrote decades ago. Below, check out the graceful lead single “Lost In A World Of Sin,” as well as a trailer and tracklist for the album.

01 “Living In This World Alone”
02 “Lost In A World Of Sin”
03 “You Got To Believe”
04 “Walk Around Heaven”
05 “Iʼve Got A Feeling”
06 “Donʼt Need No Doctor”
07 “I Donʼt Need Nobody But You”
08 “Get On Board”

Searching is out 6/14 on Luaka Bop.

Adam Wissing

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