“Man In Finance” TikToker Who Joked That She’d Made The “Song Of The Summer” Gets A Major Label Deal

“Man In Finance” TikToker Who Joked That She’d Made The “Song Of The Summer” Gets A Major Label Deal

A few weeks ago, Megan Boni, a TikTok user who makes videos under the name Girl On Couch, asked a rhetorical question: “Did I just write the song of the summer?” The joke was that the song, now known as “Man In Finance,” is not a song. It has literally no music. It’s just Boni chanting a phrase over and over, and you can imagine a dance beat behind it. In the 19-second video, Boni adapts heavy vocal fry and says, “I’m looking for a man in finance, trust fund, 6’5″, blue eyes.” It’s not the song of the summer because it’s not a song. But Boni, who is not a musician, just got a major-label deal out of it anyway.


Can someone make this into an actual song plz just for funzies

♬ original sound – Girl On Couch

The “Man In Finance” video went viral earlier this month, and dance producers like David Guetta and Alesso posted their own remixes on TikTok. Now, Billboard reports that Megan Boni has landed a deal with Capitol/Polydor/Virgin Germany. This is the work of music manager Amanda Rovitz, who became friends with Boni when they did study abroad together in Australia in 2018.

Megan Boni tells Billboard, “I just thought it would be funny to make a video making fun of those single girls who are always complaining about being single, but yet they want an impossible laundry list of things in a boyfriend, and by the way, that’s myself included.” When the video started making rounds, labels initiated conversations with her, and Amanda Rovitz took it from there. The idea, as far as I can tell, isn’t for Megan Boni to make a Girl On Couch album or whatever. It’s to license that vocal out to dance producers, who can then remix it.

Today, the first official “Man In Finance” remix is out, and it comes from the London duo Billen Ted. (No, really, that’s what they call themselves. Billen Ted.) They’ve put Boni’s voice over the beat from Far East Movement’s 2010 hit “Like A G6.”

I tell you what: I’m in the wrong line of work. There’s people out there just giving money away.

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