Jennifer Lopez Cancels Tour “To Be With Her Children, Family, And Close Friends”

Jennifer Lopez Cancels Tour “To Be With Her Children, Family, And Close Friends”

This has been a disastrous year for Jennifer Lopez. The superstar’s new album This Is Me… Now debuted way down at #38 on the Billboard 200 in February, though its accompanying film This Is Me… Now: A Love Story got decent reviews. The same can’t be said for her other new movie, the Netflix original Atlas, which has been trashed by both critics and the public. On top of it all, her marriage to Ben Affleck is reportedly in trouble. On top of all that, there’s her tour.

JLo was all set to embark on her first North American tour in five years this summer. When it was announced in February, the outing was billed as the This Is Me… Now tour in conjunction with the album and film. By April, after cancelling seven of the dates, she changed the name to This Is Me… Live | The Greatest Hits in an apparent attempt to juice ticket sales. Now she has canceled the whole tour.

Live Nation, the tour’s promoter, announced the cancellation with a message that stated, “Jennifer is taking time off to be with her children, family and close friends.” Lopez also shared this message:

A Special Message to My JLovers OnTheJLo:
“I am completely heartsick and devastated about letting you down.
“Please know that I wouldn’t do this if I didn’t feel that it was absolutely necessary. I promise I will make it up to you and we will all be together again.
“I love you all so much.
“Until next time…”

Sources close to the tour insist to Variety that personal reasons really are what pushed JLo to scrap it, not low ticket sales.

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