Los Campesinos! – “0898 HEARTACHE”

Los Campesinos! – “0898 HEARTACHE”

Consistently great Welsh indie rockers Los Campesinos! will soon share their first album in seven years, All Hell. They announced it with the lead single “Feast Of Tongues,” which they followed up a mere 48 hours later with “A Psychic Wound.” They have a third song called “0898 HEARTACHE” hitting streaming services tonight at midnight, but they treated their newsletter subscribers a few hours early with the YouTube link, which I’m so graciously passing on.

As a longtime Los Campesinos! fan, it’s still a bit jarring to hear just how smooth Gareth David’s voice sounds nowadays (f.k.a. Gareth Campesinos!, but it looks like the band members have all reverted to their real last names). While “0898 HEARTACHE” is a bit more sonically refined than a lot of the band’s previous material, it’s still got an upbeat, spunky bite that will please veteran listeners and sound kickass live.

And in true LC! fashion, “0898 HEARTACHE” also has some real lovelorn zingers in the lyrics: “You’re calling me a mistake, just call me if you want a bad time/ If your calling me’s a mistake, then tell me why we’re both still on the line?” Sheesh! Hear the track below.

All Hell is out 7/19 on the band’s own Heart Swells label.

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