CCC Mash-Ups

If you’re a longtime Stereogum reader, or have ever seen me ineptly DJ, you know I love mash-ups. I just have some unexplainable preference for bootlegs that only utilize two tunes. Smash six songs and I’ll pass. That’s just one of the reasons CCC is getting a lot of play on my iPod lately. CCC’s been posting his latest efforts via MySpace so click there to hear four tracks, including one from his must-hear “Revolved” all-Beatles mash project. (Full torrent availabile here.)

Beatles aside, I’m digging:

  • CCC – “Breath By Me (Police Vs Ben E King)” (MP3 Link Expired)
    Obvious, but works.
  • CCC – “La Fool D’Argent (Stone Roses Vs Air Vs Marvin Gaye)” (MP3 Link Expired)
    Breaks the aformentioned 2 song rule, but it’s Air!
  • CCC – “Tom’s Investigators (Suzanne Vega Vs Dire Straits)” (MP3 Link Expired)
    Thank god! Get that DNA remix outta of my head for good.

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