Guilt-Free MP3s

Yeah, that country tune threw you (yet you like Rabbit Fur Coat? — hypocrites!). So Stereogum’s sorted through the indie label PR inbox for six worthy free MP3s. Four word review idea stolen from Coolfer.

  • Quasi – “The Rhino” (MP3)
    Coomes/Weiss get weird.
  • Centro-Matic – “Calling Thermatico” (MP3)
    Patterson Hood’s favorite band?
  • The Duke Spirit – “Cuts Across The Land” (MP3)
    Buzzed-about Blooze rock.
  • Apathy – “Banquet” (MP3)
    Bloc Party rap remix.
  • Eef Barzelay – “Ballad Of Bitter Honey” (MP3)
    Clem Snider, solo acoustic.
  • Aloha – “Your Eyes” (MP3)
    South By Stereogum preview!

    UPDATE: One more:
    Micah P. Hinson – “The Leading Guy” (MP3)

    And to everyone w/ South By Stereogum questions (e.g., “How do I get in?”) … will all be answered in a post TK.