South By Stereogum Sweepstakes

Q: Wow Stereogum, your SXSW party looks awesome. Is it free?
A: Yes, it’s free, but invite-only. A wristband or festival badge won’t get you in. Only a SXStereogum laminate.

We’re giving 150 of ‘em to you readers. So if you didn’t already get a personal invite to the show from me, now is your chance. Winners will be selected randomly, and we’ll snail mail you your pass, so make sure to write your address correctly. One entry per person.

Other SXStereogum news:

  • We’ve gotten ourselves some MCs: comedians Aziz Ansari and Paul Scheer, who you may recognize from Lower East Side Indie Rock Concert Hosts Magazine.
  • We’re planning on having free BBQ from what I’m told is the BBQ place in Austin. Just don’t give any to Ted Leo ’cause Ted Leo is totally vegan.
  • We’ll be selling limited-edition silkscreen posters designed by Jermaine Rogers as well as our first-ever Stereogum merch.

  • Finally, WE NEED A BEER SPONSOR. If you are a FREE BEER or know a FREE BEER, please e-mail me. Don’t worry, the day party will have beer one way or another ’cause Austin makes you thirsty.

    In the meantime, I leave you with a semi-exclusive indie-rock comedy video starring our co-host Aziz Ansari and Andy Blitz. Aziz and Andy play clerks at my favorite record store Other Music, and it’s fucking hilarious. This screened at the Plug Awards, so that’s why I say semi-exclusive. But it hasn’t been on the Web until now. Aziz never gave me a title, so I’m gonna call it Indie Clerk Assholes.

    Nice Ariel Pink music bed. Aziz performs with Todd Barry & Nick Kroll on Tuesday 2/28 at Pianos. It’ll be a mix of stand-up, special guests, and the premiere of a new short film from The Human Giant starring Aziz, Paul, and Rob Huebel, directed by Jason Woliner. Only $5. Buy tix here.