They Won’t Shoot Down Band Of Horses, Will They?

Band Of Horses seems to be on every blogger’s fingertips this week. The Seattle indie rockers’ Everything All The Time (Amazon | iTunes) came out yesterday, and has been getting a lot of play on Stereogum’s iTunes. Recommended if you like My Morning Jacket and a solid debut start to finish for sure. Insound’s weekly newsletter goes a step further, though: “Perhaps the best album of 2006.” (They haven’t even heard the awesome new Phoenix!) I guess that means the backlash starts now?

“The First Song” is all dreamy guitars and “Our Swords” rides a poppy, elastic bass line, but Sub Pop chose this tune as the free download. Maybe they hope the title will appeal to Arcadies.

Band Of Horses – “The Funeral” (MP3)

We’d do a whole “horses are the new wolves” spiel, but Spin beat us to it.