50 Bands, 50 Free MP3s

Everyone once in a while Stereogum likes to shut off the Steely Dan and listen to all those wonderful indie label MP3 links you send in. Well, today we’ve picked our 50 faves for you. It’s a win/win. We don’t have to host ‘em, and you get to discover some exciting new bands and hear the latest from some old faves like Black Angels, Drive-By Truckers, Josh Rouse and Rogue Wave. (Speaking of Rogue Wave … SXStereogum Behind-The-Scenes Post coming REALLY soon, promise. Zach was really sleepy pre-show; we have lots of silly photos of everyone interrupting his nap.) As always, let us know what you love, what you hate, etc… as if I had to ask for your opinions!

Voxtrot – “Mothers, Daughters, Sisters & Wives” (MP3)
Adam Arcuragi – “1981” (MP3)
Rogue Wave – “10:1″ (MP3)
Neko Case – “Star Witness” (MP3)
Pony Up – “The Truth About Cats And Dogs (Is That They Die)” (MP3)
Danielson – “Did I Step On Your Trumpet” (MP3)
Irving – “Death in the Garden, Blood on the Flowers” (MP3)
Scanners – “Lowlife” (MP3)
Venice Is Sinking – “Pulaski Heights” (MP3)
Birdmonster – “Resurrection Song” (MP3)
LYLAS – “His Master?s Merriment” (MP3)
About – “Strike You As The Enemy” (MP3)
Shearwater – “Seventy Four/Seventy Five” (MP3)
Hazard County Girls – “Insect” (MP3)
Stellastarr* – “Love And Longing” (MP3)
Imaad Wasif – “Out In The Black” (MP3)
Mecca Normal – “I’ll Call You” (MP3)
Candy Bars – “Enough To Choke A Cold Air” (MP3)
Starlight Mints – “Inside Of Me” (MP3)
Peter Walker – “What Do I Know” (MP3)
Be Your Own Pet – “Fire Department” (MP3)
Ladyhawk – “The Dugout” (MP3)
Drive-By Truckers – “Gravity’s Gone” (MP3)
Wilderness – “Emergency” (MP3)
Clogs – “Pencil Sticks” (MP3)
The Slats – “Ignatius” (MP3)
Jeff Merchant – “Li’l Miss Riding Hood” (MP3)
Josh Rouse – “Quiet Town” (MP3)
Blanket Music – “Impossible” (MP3)
Norfolk & Western – “Impossible” (MP3)
The Stills – “In The Beginning” (MP3)
Maritime – “Calm” (MP3)
Micah P. Hinson – “The Leading Guy” (MP3)
The Sounds – “Song With A Mission” (MP3)
Headlights – “Tokyo” (MP3)
The Like Young – “For Money or Love” (MP3)
31Knots – “Chain Reaction” (MP3)
The Black Angels – “Young Man Dead” (MP3)
Pulco – “Love of The Ocean” (MP3)
Exene Cervenka – “It Ain’t Supposed To Be” (MP3)
Saturday Looks Good To Me – “Can’t Ever Sleep” (MP3)
The Czars – “I Am The Man” (MP3)
Man In Gray – “Sleeping” (MP3)
Heroine – “The Levy” (MP3)
They Shoot Horses Don’t They? – “Emptyhead” (MP3)
Kind Of Like Spitting – “Share The Road” (MP3)
The Duke Spirit – “Stubborn Stiches” (MP3)
Snowden – “Anti-Anti” (MP3)
The Metal Hearts – “Socialize” (MP3)
Pretty Girls Make Graves – “Pyrite Pedestal” (MP3)

And about that PGMG Make Our “Elan Vital” Video YouTube contest: you only have until Saturday to upload your video. Watch the contenders here.

Oh, and label/PR people: how about filling in ID3 tags before posting? Just a thought…